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Vocalist, Artist, and Party Guest.

Original Artwork Samples
Some work in oils. Others in Acrylics.
 I work with Sharpies and Watercolour. 

Art/S1-Music.jpg Art/S1-Lennon.jpg Art/S1-Leaf.jpg Art/S1-Leader.jpg
Art/S1-Jerry.jpg Art/S1-Gonzo.jpg Art/S1-Gibson.jpg Art/S1-Brain.jpg

A Life in Showbiz
From singing gorilla to ukulele player to piano bar and beyond. 
 It has been a very interesting trip. 

Showbiz/Neal-Acito-smprofile.jpg Showbiz/Neal-Acito-gorilla.jpg Showbiz/Neal-Acito-congas.jpg Showbiz/Neal-Acito-12string.jpg
Showbiz/neal_acito_fender.JPG Showbiz/neal_acito_comedy.JPG Showbiz/neal_acito_ukulele.JPG Showbiz/NealAcitopiano.jpg

Some Videos

"How much does the gig pay?"